Testing Services

Controlled Power offers engine-generator systems testing, analysis and documentation. Typical applications for this type of testing include single or multiple unit testing for transient response, starting time and verifying system loadsharing.

Full documentation is available from simple verification testing up to government and MIL-STD 705 requirements.

Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Generator and system testing is provided utilizing analog to digital technology and Windows based software on a portable laptop computer. Engine, generator, and other system parameters are monitored and converted to a DC 10-volt analog signal. These signals are input into a Dataq Instruments 32-channel, 14-bit analog to digital converter. Each channel is monitored utilizing Snap Master data acquisition and analysis software. Device scaling, sample rates, and test duration are all programmable. Individual tests are recorded for later replay, analysis and plotting.

Sample Test Graph's:
Generator Cycle Cranking
Generator Starting Time
Generator Transient Actual
Generator Transient Percent Change
Generator System Start

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