CPI Switchgear Installations

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Our customer for this project wanted a manually controlled switchboard for his generator but had very limited space to mount it. This small enclosure includes a custom 480 VAC bus system with breakers, contactors and controls for THREE diesel electric generators.

This project for the North Davis WWTP is a typical example of our medium voltage NEMA 3R construction. It is a co-generation project that controls three Waukesha gas engines and one Caterpillar 2,000 kW diesel generator. Woodward DSLC and MSLC were used for synchronization and loading control.


Located in the Federated States of Micronesia, this unusual control panel was built with a reduced height to allow for quick shipment to the project's site via standard jet airline service. Once on site it was placed on a pedestal to give it normal height.

ABS APPROVED SWITCHGEAR This marine switchgear provides normal and emergency source transfer controls via latching contactors. It also provides power distribution for 480 VAC three phase, 120 VAC single phase, 250 VDC and 24 VDC.

480 VOLT SWITCHGEAR, NEMA 1 This project for Glacier Bay National Park features Woodward EGCP II engine controllers and an Allen-Bradley SLC500 programmable logic controller with operator touch screen interface.

CUSTOM ANGLE IRON SWITCHGEAR This 4-unit generator switchgear is a fine example of our custom angle iron frame construction. Features include generator breakers and contactors for fast breaker close operations, Woodward GCP-31 engine controllers and a highly integrated Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC system.

MEDIUM VOLTAGE, NEMA 1 This project destined for the Kuril Islands in Russia is typical NEMA 1 medium voltage construction with one twist: The operator interface unit and the switchgear nameplates are written using Cyrillic text. Synchronizing and loading controls are provided by Woodward DSLC controllers and automation is via a GE Fanuc 90/30 PLC system.

LIFE SAFETY SWITCHGEAR When it comes to life safety, you need a company with a solid reputation for delivering performance and reliability. With more than fifty hospitals and medical centers using Controlled Power equipment, you can be sure we have the experience and expertise to handle your project.