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CONTROLLED POWER stands unsurpassed when it comes to the serious business of power and control. Throughout the years we have earned a reputation for unwavering quality, attention to detail, and being the most reliable in product and service. When an emergency arises, it is essential that Standby and Emergency Power Plants are able to meet the demand and be up & running at peak efficiency immediately. Hospitals and medical centers throughout the Pacific Northwest have come to rely on CONTROLLED POWER for emergency back-up power. When lives are on the line, you can't afford to take a chance on anything but the switchgear with the maximum reliability and efficiency.

At CONTROLLED POWER, our engineering approach is based solely upon our customers individual needs, and specific requirements...not the other way around. More than 95% of our systems are custom designed and built to accommodate and reflect the unique and varying uses necessitated by workplace conditions and geographic extremes.

CONTROLLED POWER'S generator expertise in the small utility and standby power field is second to none. We are regarded as the industry experts when the job requires Co-generation, Loadsharing, Demand Start, Automatic Synchronizing, and Microprocessor Based Systems.

North Davis 15KV Switchgear

North Davis 15KV Switchgear

This equipment is part of a power system upgrade for plant expansion at the North Davis Sewer District in Syracuse, Utah. The project consists of 11 sections of NEMA 3R walk-in switchgear, Seismic Zone 4 rated. In addition to the new 3R gear, the existing 480 volt switchgear received an on-site upgrade, which included new control doors with meters, switches, and lights. The existing gas engine control system was upgraded with new Woodward DSLC controllers and Allen-Bradley SLC 500 programmable logic controllers. The completed system controls three existing Waukesha gas engines with a combined capacity of 1900 kW and one new Caterpillar 3516B generator set rated at 2,000 kW. The generator control sections contain Woodward DSLC engine controllers for synchronizing and loading the generators and a Woodward MSLC for utility paralleling and co-generation. Control functionality includes emergency standby operations and utility co-generation with the diesel and gas engines.